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Is Brazil Free?

The 8 MDG's

Is Brazil on it's way to accomplish the eight MDG's ( Millenium Development Goals ) ? When analyzing these I looked at both the steps that Brazil is taking to accomplish all eight goals as well as the things that might set them back. When thinking about all the factors to the goals you have to look at the country as a whole and wether it's working it's way to accomplish them as a whole country or in just certain parts. Keep in mind that a lot of the countries that are struggling to accomplish these goals are also facing the same set backs. Is Brazil on it's path to accomplish these goals and move forward or are the set backs way to big ?

Budget & Predictions

Being able to balance a budget is the factor that plays a big roll when it comes to moving forward an entire country and being able to touch base with all of the goals. Not only is the budget important to accomplish the goals but also to move forward with helping those citizens that would benefit from those funds. Every bit of money going to each goal in the end doesn't only accomplish a goal but it accomplishes a more stable way of living for the citizens of Brazil as well as moving the country forward in order for them to stay on top in Latin America. 

Reaching the 8 MDG's

This website is my 3rd quarter benchmark for my Globalization class. The requirements were to investigate a country, its level of freedom as well as the steps they are taking to accomplish the 8 MDG's established for all countries. We were also asked to present a budget plan for accomplishing those goals, as well as predictions for them. 

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